I will help you to train your ear, improve your comprehension and speak with ease. The ultimate goal is to be able to THINK IN ENGLISH.

Practice makes perfect! Knowing the correct sentence structure or specific word is one thing but using this knowledge in daily life is another. I believe that listening and speaking is the fastest way to improve.  In class we cover a wide variety of topics, suited to your interests.
Concerned about your accent ? Not a problem. Word flow and speed are more important.  Concerned about lacking vocabulary? There is always a solution: use words you know in order to describe what you want to say. Have no fear of making mistakes! Most importantly: learn to THINK IN ENGLISH.

Stacey Dagron Hass: about me

I am an American who moved to Paris in 1990 and to The Hague in 2008 and I've worked in the banking and real estate sectors. Having had to speak several foreign languages over my lifetime, I appreciate the difficulties and believe that I can help anyone, no matter what level, learn to be at ease in speaking English!  In class we cover a wide variety of interesting subjects which make learning more interesting. I hold  Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Literature (Princeton and NYU) and a Master’s in Management from French business school E.S.C.P (Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris).

Let's Speak English!