I enjoyed the group lessons with Stacey. Stacey gave me important tips. She has a very good method to help: English exercices are more focused on listening- comprehension and speaking! Thank you Stacey.


I've been attending Stacey’s conversation lessons for a year. The lessons are dynamic and very interesting. Every week we discuss current global issues and with Stacey’s guidance we are able to expand our vocabulary and become more confident when speaking. I strongly recommend her!


I have participated in Stacey's group lessons for more than one year now and I really enjoy it. Her method is very helpful and friendly. Not only do I develop vocabulary in many domains, but I'm also becoming more fluent in speaking and I understand films, news and English speaking people much better now. I really like her choice of materials and the lesson structure. It's very dynamic, challenging and interesting.


I have been taking Stacey's English courses since September 2017. It is with great pleasure that I attend these lessons because not only is our group of 4 students very friendly, but Stacey also teaches us English in a fun way through various current topics. These themes allow us to acquire vocabulary, expressions, to make sentences and therefore to be able to cope with everyday situations. The courses are always very dynamic and interesting. There are a lot of exchanges within the group which makes it very interactive.Stacey is very pleasant, listens quite a lot which enables people to talk freely without feeling embarrassed about expressing themselves in English.


When I arrived in Den Haag, I wanted to improve my level and be at ease in speaking English. So I enrolled Stacey's classes in September 2017. I wasn't able to have a real conversation, only to make a few sentences. Thanks to Stacey, after a few lessons, I could have discussions with people here without being afraid to speak. Every week it's a real pleasure to go to Stacey's classes. We are a small group with a good atmosphere. We talk a lot about our difficulties and practice speaking useful for daily life. I have therefore decided to continue these classes as much as possible. I strongly recommend her!